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When my client called me up to see if I was interested in re-designing his kitchen, I immediately said yes. He was hesitant if I would take the job or not, since it was just a tiny bungalow kitchen and he didn’t have a crazy budget. I informed him, exactly what I inform all my prospective clients, that I work with a large range of budgets and that no project is too small.

This home is located in the heart of Danforth Village, on Mortimer. The kitchen takes up most of the back area of the small bungalow, however the homeowners still have a good size living room and 2 bedrooms on the main floor.

The original kitchen was in high need of an update, dark and old cabinetry, no storage and no counter space. There was a stair leading down to the basement and and a large window on the back wall. To gain more space and increase storage and work space, we removed the stair. Instead we opened up the existing window and created a new door with a custom built patio deck. The tenant in the basement is still able to enter his apartment from the back through a separate door.

While designing this space, my client insisted on a punch of colour red, they really wanted to see it somewhere in this beautiful white kitchen. Well, when my clients really want something, I make sure I deliver! With extra deep counters on either side of the cooktop, I decided to create a wall feature, a back-painted red glass backsplash. It became the focal point of the kitchen.




Skills: Kitchen